SZU-HAN HO / 何思涵


Recent Writing:

“Taiwan, Beyond the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China.“ by Szu-Han Ho and Meng-Yao Chuang. The Funambulist, No. 41 Decentering the U.S. May-Jun 2022.

“The X/La X.” by fronteristxs collective. Terremoto, No. 21 A Burning Song. Oct 2021-Jan 2022.

“Weavings/Beadings.” by Szu-Han Ho and Eric-Paul Riege. Eric-Paul Riege. Catalogue published by ICA Miami. 2020.

The Internal Objects. by Szu-Han Ho. Series edited by Steffani Jemison. Brooklyn: Future Plan and Program. 2013.

Recent Press, Interviews: 

“Work in Progress with Szu-Han Ho,” Kathryne Lim, Southwest Contemporary, Feb 23, 2022.

Tending to the Body, Spencer Museum of Art, Integrated Arts Research Initiative (IARA), University of Kansas. Mar 2021.

“Szu-Han Ho: COVID-19, the #PPE we all need,” Interview with Joey Orr. Art Papers. Aug 10, 2020.

“Shelter in Place: Resonance and Affective Weight: a talk by Szu-Han Ho.” The Global Condition: Living Commons. Vol. 1, No. 1. Organized by Alyosha Goldstein, Mark Harris, and Denise Ferreira da Silva. Feb 2018.