SZU-HAN HO / 何思涵

El Dúo del Espejo (The Mirror Duet)

SOMA | Mexico City, MEX

Partitura por (Composed by) Andrés Duhau, Emiliano González de León, Emiliano Motta y Szu-Han Ho
Interpretado por (Performed by) Elías Herrera Zacarías, Jesús Lemo y Szu-Han Ho

A performance based on The Mirror Duet, in which two players sitting across from one another read a single sheet of musical notation. Part I of the duet is read upside-down from Part II. 

The two trumpet players wear a table that connects them to one another. The score for The Mirror Duet sits on this table. The page turner turns the pages, serves shots of tequila, and eventually releases the two trumpeters from one another.