SZU-HAN HO / 何思涵


Single-channel video installation

Two people build a barricade across an empty interior using everyday household objects. The action is inspired by the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. BARRICADE pays homage to the performativity and creativity of the protestors, who use ingenuity and the power of aesthetics to mobilize resistance on a massive scale. The video is shot in my father’s childhood home in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  

Creator and Director: Szu-Han Ho 何思涵
Producer: Wun-Jyun Chen 陳玟君
Performers: Meng-Yao Chuang 莊夢瑤 and Maggie Wang Gray 王雨婕
Director of Photography: I-Ting Chen 陳逸庭
Camera: Ai-Ju Wang 王艾如
Camera: Wei-Chi Lee 李瑋琦
Art Director: Men-Hsin Lin 林孟欣
Lighting Engineer: Dream Color TW 幻彩燈光有限公司