SZU-HAN HO / 何思涵

Szu-Han Ho and Sandu Ndu
Soundwave 9 Festival @ Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco

DIALECTS considers the artists’ personal histories related to migration/diaspora and delves into the tonality of unknown mother tongues. This collaboration is inspired by the ways in which language is a container for sounds and intonations that can create connections across time and space. For Soundwave 9, Szu-Han Ho and Sandu Ndu perform DIALECTS at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, weaving together diasporic narratives with abstracted dance beats and harmonies to consider transformation through migratory movements. Curated by Tanya Gayer and Patricia Cariño Valdez. Performed in the Yud Gallery with Peristyle, work by Izadora Leber LETHE.

Documentation: Camera and editing by Miguel Novelo